Adventure the Backyard

So there’s a little mountain about 900m high behind our house… sounds like the perfect place for after work rides! We went and explored and found at least one good, well maintained trail, and another which needs a little tune up. Seeing as its right there, I’m sure we’ll be back!

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East now Westers!

We had two of my good pals and favorite riding buddies come down for a visit! Alex (the Russian) and PL. What fun it was! I need a “quick grab” camera setup for mountain biking so I can take more photos. It sure was fun, and PL and I did some classic exploring which included 45 minutes of hiking in the snow! What fun to be had!20150418-DSC_1301 20150418-DSC_1308 20150419-DSC_1312 20150419-DSC_1316

Fest Of Ale

So we went to the Fest of Ale in Penticton with Zak this year. What good fun that was! doors at 12:00 and 2$ for a little beer from breweries from near and far (mostly near). It was a long hard day of drinking, and we pretty much only drank IPA! yikes! It ended at 6, we went for vegetarian food and then wondered around the town for a while until we were all ready to admit defeat. It was bedtime and it was only 10PM.

On sunday we went to a local coffee roasters/cafe and did some big city shopping. Couldnt help but be tourists on the way home and got attacked by Le Yeti! Ha.

2nd Ride Of The Year

Well we got Zak out again for another ride! He’s liking getting back into biking with us! Yahoo! My pops came out too.

This time we did Deer Point Trail. Only 4-5 trees to climb over, not so bad. Fresh Tracks

Pascale in the classic view corner.

Pascale in the classic view corner.

Zak and the Xprezo's

Zak and the Xprezo’s