Hiking! ewww! Well ok, maybe it wasn’t so bad. It was a rainy weekend and Pascale was working until 2 on Saturday but hell, we wanted to go camping anyway! Tim, Eliza, Xav and I would prepare Saturday morning while Pasky was at work, and as soon as she was off the adventure began. With the Justy all loaded up with gear we were ready to hit the dirt (and mostly puddles)! We ripped up the North Fork with only one random mishap; the Justy died. Hmmm, must of been all those puddles. Oh well, it started right back up and the journey continued. Off we raced some 50 or so kilometers in search of the perfect camp spot. Many puddles later we found it, a cozy spot with a rotten table on the side of the river. Some tree climbing, axe hacking, and fire starting good times ensued as the night progressed, followed by board games and cribbage (in which Tim lost). After that it was time for bed, as tomorrow was going to be an epic day starting at 3am for the sunrise hike up to Bluejoint lookout….. wait, 10 am start and no stupid sunrise.

BOOM, Sunday morning. Coffee’s in our bellies, extra oatmeal and delicious sammies ready and we were off! Tim drove the rental with all of us aboard (full of ain’t care) as far as we could make it and that’s where we started our hike in the snow. Snow? In June? Why yes! and Eliza DEFINITELY did NOT have the right footwear (must be why she kept falling). After many treacherous hidden crevasses beneath the fresh white powder, we had made it to our lookout… the clouds. Yup, no lookout for us, but that didn’t make it any less interesting.


Oh hey, here’s the map!