Summer Adventures 2016 Part 2

Next on the list of adventures, I finally convinced Pascale to sleep on the dock at Whats Cabin! She will admit now that it is super fun! We both had such a great sleep, it’s as if the waves rocked us like babies.


Checking her phone waiting for Smores.


What a way to wake up, July 1st

That morning, well rested, we met up with my brother Zak and his friend Kalon for a mountain bike ride on Dewdney! Dewdney is always a great trail, especially when you get a ride to the TOP TOP

20160701-DSC_3337 20160701-DSC_3340 20160710-DSC_3350

More Justy rides followed along with Pascale finally trying out the little jump on the “Back Yard” trail! Now she wants to jump off of everything! Hmmm.


Mad Flex yo, July 4th


Big Air, July 10th


That wraps up part two, all the way to Mid July. Lots more to come though!

Summer Adventures 2016 Part 1

Lots of adventures this summer, but it first started off with some visits from Pat and Dru! They drove across the country just to see us…. well, maybe not just us. They arrived, and like most people, had more things they wanted to do then was possible in the time they allowed. No big deal though! The day they arrived I was working so that night Pascale and I took them for a little ride on our “backyard” trail.

20160614-DSC_3235 20160614-DSC_3231 20160614-DSC_3224 20160614-DSC_3220 20160614-DSC_3222 20160614-DSC_3217 20160614-DSC_3215

Of course that was a blast, and they were itching for more, but they had other adventures to have! The next day they left most of their stuff at our place and went on their touring bikes for a trip around the Okanagan. We met them a few days later at the Drag Races in Osoyoos. They must have been good luck because I won the Sportsman Bracket in my little race car! Oh What fun!

20160619-DSC_1839 20160619-DSC_3256

They left again for more adventures, this time around Vancouver, only to meet up with us again in Revelstoke for more epic adventures. Revelstoke is always a good time because it includes a few more of our favorite easterners; David, Marie-Mai and Piel Pickhard!

20160626-DSC_3264 20160626-DSC_3312 20160626-DSC_3306 20160626-DSC_3295 20160626-DSC_3293 20160626-DSC_3289 20160626-DSC_3286 20160626-DSC_3272 20160626-DSC_3275 20160626-DSC_3269 20160626-DSC_3267 20160626-DSC_3265

After Revy, they came back to the Whats Cabin for one extra night of that Kootenay Life.


More good times to come!


Hiking! ewww! Well ok, maybe it wasn’t so bad. It was a rainy weekend and Pascale was working until 2 on Saturday but hell, we wanted to go camping anyway! Tim, Eliza, Xav and I would prepare Saturday morning while Pasky was at work, and as soon as she was off the adventure began. With the Justy all loaded up with gear we were ready to hit the dirt (and mostly puddles)! We ripped up the North Fork with only one random mishap; the Justy died. Hmmm, must of been all those puddles. Oh well, it started right back up and the journey continued. Off we raced some 50 or so kilometers in search of the perfect camp spot. Many puddles later we found it, a cozy spot with a rotten table on the side of the river. Some tree climbing, axe hacking, and fire starting good times ensued as the night progressed, followed by board games and cribbage (in which Tim lost). After that it was time for bed, as tomorrow was going to be an epic day starting at 3am for the sunrise hike up to Bluejoint lookout….. wait, 10 am start and no stupid sunrise.

BOOM, Sunday morning. Coffee’s in our bellies, extra oatmeal and delicious sammies ready and we were off! Tim drove the rental with all of us aboard (full of ain’t care) as far as we could make it and that’s where we started our hike in the snow. Snow? In June? Why yes! and Eliza DEFINITELY did NOT have the right footwear (must be why she kept falling). After many treacherous hidden crevasses beneath the fresh white powder, we had made it to our lookout… the clouds. Yup, no lookout for us, but that didn’t make it any less interesting.


Oh hey, here’s the map!

Just Ride!

What A great year for mountain biking! I get to go riding in MOUNTAINS once or twice a week and at this rate I think I might actually wear out a pair of tires for the first time in a lot of years. Yeah, that’s right, I haven’t been riding very much for the last few years. Well, actually about the last 10 years, but really, who’s counting.  One of my main reasons for moving back home to BC was mountains, and I don’t just want to look at them!!!

Being closer to the mountains and my family really makes life seem like an endless vacation. Sure there’s never enough daylight to get everything done, but we still get to do a lot! No epic rides, but spending time on my bike with my family and friends really adds up to greatness. I’m also re-visiting the trails of my youth, trails I haven’t ridden for 10 or more years! These trails shaped me into the cyclist I am today, my childhood stomping grounds.

So here’s a few pictures! Thimble mountain was one of my favorite rides when I was about 13, and TNT came a little too late for me. The trail has some technical climbs and was built right around the time we were “free riding” so, ya, hard tails with slammed seats and fat tires, they didn’t climb so well (2000-2002). After that I got into downhill bikes until about 2010ish when the all-mountain scene caught my eye in Montreal.


Thimble Mountain

Thimble Mountain

Top of Thimble Mountain

Top of Thimble Mountain



Oops, technical climb got me.

Oops, technical climb got me.


Dad on TNT

Dad on TNT


Reunited at Revy

May Long 2015 I was finally reunited with one of my longest lasting friends, David. Our friendship goes back to my courier days in Calgary, and I’ve basically followed him around ever since. Him being from Quebec, he moved back east not long after I met him. You guessed it, I followed him east, and he got me both of my jobs in Montreal. First as a Bicycle messenger and next as a mechanic at Le Yeti. Like me, David has a thirst for the mountains so he moved back west and ended up in Revelstoke. Now that I am back west and settled in, it was about time I went for a visit.

The best thing in life is doing what you love with your friends!

Not only is David in Revelstoke, but so is probably my best riding partner, Piel (as we call him). We have had a lot of good rides together, and even if he is more into the “epic ride” (80km of getting lost is his idea of fun) we have always found a good rhythm riding together.  So all in all, you can gather that we obviously had a good time in Revy!

Revy20150515-DSC_1363 Revy20150515-DSC_1366 Revy20150515-DSC_1367 Revy20150515-DSC_1370 Revy20150515-DSC_1375 Revy20150517-DSC_1378 Revy20150517-DSC_1385 Revy20150517-DSC_1393 Revy20150518-DSC_1394 Revy20150518-DSC_1395 Revy20150518-DSC_1401 Revy20150518-DSC_1405 Revy20150518-DSC_1407 Revy20150518-DSC_1424 Revy20150518-DSC_1443 Revy20150518-DSC_1472 Revy20150518-DSC_1504 Revy20150518-DSC_1527

Adventure the Backyard

So there’s a little mountain about 900m high behind our house… sounds like the perfect place for after work rides! We went and explored and found at least one good, well maintained trail, and another which needs a little tune up. Seeing as its right there, I’m sure we’ll be back!

20150428-DSC_1328 20150428-DSC_1326 20150428-DSC_1321 20150428-DSC_1317


East now Westers!

We had two of my good pals and favorite riding buddies come down for a visit! Alex (the Russian) and PL. What fun it was! I need a “quick grab” camera setup for mountain biking so I can take more photos. It sure was fun, and PL and I did some classic exploring which included 45 minutes of hiking in the snow! What fun to be had!20150418-DSC_1301 20150418-DSC_1308 20150419-DSC_1312 20150419-DSC_1316

Fest Of Ale

So we went to the Fest of Ale in Penticton with Zak this year. What good fun that was! doors at 12:00 and 2$ for a little beer from breweries from near and far (mostly near). It was a long hard day of drinking, and we pretty much only drank IPA! yikes! It ended at 6, we went for vegetarian food and then wondered around the town for a while until we were all ready to admit defeat. It was bedtime and it was only 10PM.

On sunday we went to a local coffee roasters/cafe and did some big city shopping. Couldnt help but be tourists on the way home and got attacked by Le Yeti! Ha.