Jasper on old 35MM

My late Mother gifted me a Camera. This Camera was her Mothers. My Grandma traveled all over north America and shot film any chance she had. Some of the photos she took are breathtaking. Now its my time to learn film. Initially shooting old 35MM rolls found in the Camera bag carries a big risk of losing all your work due to film deterioration. Whether from Age, Heat, Radiation or a massive amount of other factors. I had no idea how these shots would turn out and even less of an idea of if the camera worked. Well, it did. They turned out beautifully. Aged film is sometimes just worth the gamble.

So there’s Tara, a friend from Calgary. She’s a mountaineering Medic aiming to live on a boat off the coast of Cortez. She proved she will out hike me any day of the week and drink me under the table. Her and I operate on nearly the exact same wave length. We’re both left handed, both picked the exact same beer from the exact same store for the exact same reason and need to apply a copious amount of hot sauce to everything. It’s kinda weird but pretty refeshing all at the same time. She brought up the tent from Calgary for me and we spent the next 4 days exploring Jasper and crushing beers. It was pretty early in the year still, we got snowed out on any trail we attempted and froze every night (At least I did)

Having her out here for the trip was a great idea. We bonded while breaking through snow for kilometers at a time. Sharing stories over another beer and just cruising to the next place to explore. She suggested all our hikes and places to explore and I’m really glad she did. She pushed me further than I would have gone on my own and took me to places I didn’t even think of seeing. We mixed up what I knew, what she knew and what we both had overlap in and explored the park to the fullest. Just send it.

It was so killer to get out of town and just exist. There was no stress, we just chilled. This trip was a huge leap in the healing process of the heart. Showed me there is hope out there and things really can end up okay. Sometimes, even better than okay. Her and I have gone on another few adventures since. That film is just about to get developed, just hang in there. Have I ever mentioned how much I love trains? The answer is a lot. Maybe one day I’ll drive one. But in all reality I’m a lot more likely to hop a few and see where I end up.

I missed my epic train shot on this trip, but at least I tried. The Power Wagon is pretty photogenic so it makes up for the lack of Any and All trains. Choo choo. We ended up exploring every open gate between Jasper and Mount Robson. Our only promising forestry road ended up snowed over and we had to turn around. Our 4 wheeling adventures became a little less likely so we squeezed in a few more hikes instead.

Day 4 Tara headed back to Calgary, myself back to Grande Prairie. The trip was solid, the hikes were exhausting and the beers were great. Even though we broke through the snow every step of the way and nearly caused a few Avalanches, missed the Trains and got snowed out our spirits were high. We were refreshed and freakin’ alive.

Dayne from Adventure Your Life and I have been good friends for a few years now. We 3D printed this little guy a while back and he’s been traveling with me ever since. Every little bit helps and I feel great every time I see him cruising along. Thanks Dayne.

Birthday Vacation 2017!

A photo epic from this years Birthday Vacation. Some locations you’ve seen before, and a whole bunch of new ones! Mostly Yoho and Icefields national parks.


Well, haven’t had much time for the blog so far this year. A lot going on between us, getting married and all that, but that doesn’t mean a lot has been going on.

A quick little garden post; our first year growing Garlic!! Check it out:

Cheyenne Pepper

Garlic Harvest


Watering the carrots

Summer Adventures 2016, Part 4

Part 4 already? Well I guess that’s believable. This post; new friend, 4by adventures, old mines and yeeee ha! Ok Ok, not a lot of yee ha, but meet our new friend Calen!


Top of the hill, July 27th

No no no, he’s not a truck! but he is driving it! He used to work with Zak at Kal Tire and then left this small town to fry some bigger fish in ALBERTA (I know, poor guy, but we all gotta do it). He’s back now and he’s keen on doin stuff! Like me, he’s into building things and wrecking stuff. Sounds like fun! For our first adventure we went up moto and got the Justy stuck! We also made it to a nice view, but I’ll let you decide which part of the story is more exciting.




Winch me out please sir.


Weight reduction: Pascale, you go with him.


Who’s bigger?

After this Calen left for a little hitch hike around BC, so it was up to Pascale and I to keep the adventure alive! First we went and checked out a new (to us) trail up the North Fork. It wasn’t a long loop, but it was a nice ride, and we found a chair!


Chairs for two, July 31st

Next up, Xenia lake! WHAT? Why have I never been to this place before! Another epic Justy adventure, this time with Kalon and Zak on board!


Diving for leeches, August 1st

20160801-DSC_3507 20160801-DSC_3498

After this someone else came up there; “you made it up here in THAT?!?!?!” We sure did! That’s a Justy with a custom #waterlowracing 2″ lift! After they were done being amazing they asked “so is the lake still infested with leeches?” Thankfully non of us found any! Gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

Pascale and I have been on a few more neat Justy adventures which include Fluorine Lake (definitely not a road) and some old mines!


Fluorine Lake, August 7th



Top Of the hill, August 9th

20160809-DSC_3522 20160809-DSC_3520 20160809-DSC_3519

That gets us to mid August, whats next!

Summer Adventures 2016, Part 3


That’s right folks, we had ourselves another wild camping adventure up the Gramby with Tim and Eliza! This time the weather was clear and we were snow free! We also learned that Tim doesn’t like dill pickle chips! Pfft, more for us! (sorry Tim). I wish I had more to say, but really, let us let the pictures do the talking. Take it away pictures:

Of course it was beautiful and amazing just as we had expected last time despite the snow. This time we even made it all the way up to the parking lot! Thanks Justy!


A nice dip in the river on the way home.