Day Four

Day Four, one day more:


  • Montana = hunting
  • Montana = beef
  • When watching distance, miles descend much slower then kilometres
  • The gas stations are fewer and further apart
  • There’s horsies

Today was one of the nicer days. We left the WORST motel of our journey (expensive, dirty, no free wifi, smelly, etc) in some pretty cold temps (-15) and headed for our new destination of Bozeman (some 950ish KM away). Today the time would change again and mountains would come into view. Ahhhh mountains, that’s what this journey is all about right? Well we finally left early-ish (9:30), which really helps, and with a ~10 hour day ahead of us we were hoping to be settling in tonight before too late.


First things first, it’s coffee time. I’m really liking my set up here; quick to boil, fresh, and delicious. The Aeropress makes a delicious brew and with the new GSI hand grinder I got I’m pretty much set. There’s never enough coffee though, so after about an hour we decide to top up the tank and head to the local McDo for some free wifi and mediocre coffee.

20141204_0008There’s snow around here, it looks like its old. Maybe a week? I don’t know, but the roads are clear and the sun is shining so everything’s coming up golden for us!

20141204_0016 20141204_001820141204_0013 20141204_0028

These funny little sand “mountains” (as Pascale says) start popping up. That sure does make the drive more interesting. It’s like all those western movies; I can just imagine robbing trains and riding a horse up to the secret hide out. Its perfect isn’t it? The other thing we start to see are oil pumps, trains, and large tanker trucks. I guess there’s oil around here! Sure enough, it’s time to enter Montana.

20141204_0031Home On The Range is an actual place? I just thought it was from that classic western song: “Home, Home on the range. Where the blah blah blah whatever”, you know the one. Well we didn’t visit it, screw that!

Now that we are in Montana there’s a lot less vehicles on the road, and when there are some they are usually a big pickup trucks with gun racks and “proud hunter” bumper stickers. This isn’t a place for vegetarians! But it is a place for OIL! All the small towns we pass end up being bigger then we expect when they have an oil refinery or five. It smells weird too… or is that just the gasoline Pascale spilt all over her hoody when she was trying to fill up the Beep Beep.

20141204_0043Well this is getting to be TLDR, so I’m gonna hit the hay. It’s too bad we didn’t make it to Butt(e) today, but it wasn’t even the plan. You know, I’m tired and it seems funny now…. I guess it’s not. Just one more day ahead of us and we’ve got leftover pizza for the road.


Oh, here’s the map, Its missing a big section. That was a fail. I pasted a file over another file and deleted the original, what a n00b mistake! But it gets us to where we are now anyway.

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