Day One.

Day One:

We left pretty late, you know, last minute stuff. 10:30 I guess it was. We had to pump up the tires on the trailer, argh I totally spaced on that, they were only half inflated! Yikes! But the start of our journey was good. We said goodbye to Luce and Raymond and headed west.


The trip went fairly smooth along the 401 most of the way. Our first gas stop came earlier then we had hoped, but that’s how it’s going to be with the trailer, we are LOADED. The was a huge accident around Bowmanville which closed the highway. Lucky for us Google knew the fastest way around. There were a lot of people backed up and we only had to wait around 45 minutes and then some slow going, not so bad for a closed highway.

BUT, we aren’t home free yet! Imagine Toronto at 5:30pm, DO’H! we should have left earlier I guess. More traffic in Toronto means now we are a few hours behind schedule. Our 10 hour day turns into a 12h day.


The border, wow. A little preface, we are crossing at Sarnia, the border is over a bridge, and we have a trailer PLEIN DE STOCK. We’ve prepared the best we can, we have a list, and we are ready. First we head to the Canadian border to have our list checked. The robot (human?) that works there checks our list, asks us if we have weapons, then stamps our list and says good luck… WHAT? too easy. Ok, lets head to the US. First theres a booth, hmm what is this, so we stop. A man with 4 fingers sticks out his hand and says “$7.50 with the trailer”. OH its a toll, and we have to pay BEFORE we cross the border. Puzzled we press on. Over the bridge and to the border stop. This makes more sense, I think, as the cameras flash. We stop and roll down the window prepared for the worst, and a young gentleman asks us “How are you two tonight?”, it’s the end of his shift and hes obviously in a good mood. We hand him our passports, tell him we “want to visit his beautiful country as we move to the other side of ours”, he looks at our list and says “Ok, but what about things you can eat”, Pascale replies “we have some honey, maple syrup, a bottle of wine, two yogurt… OH and a bottle of ketchup”. The border agents looks at our list for a few seconds longer, then hands us our papers,”Have a good one” he says. WOW!

With 1 hour of driving left we are both getting a bit tired… DING there’s the damn fuel light again and oh crap we missed the last exit with GAS. Pascale is getting worried we will run out of gas. I tell her to be calm, we are in the US, there is gas EVERYWHERE! Boom, the next exit has 5 gas stations to choose from and we are 30 minutes from our planned stop.

We made it, day one is a success.

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