Day Three

Another long day, 960km, another tired bunch. Pascale is working really hard with all this driving, and I feel bad. I wish I could help, but other then cutting up carrots and dipping them in hummus I’m not that useful.

A few notes:

  • There are A LOT of semi trucks on the high way when you’re only going 95
  • Americans seem to think we always have our high beams on?!?!?!
  • Or Americans flash high beams to say hello to strangers

Also, I’m tired of sitting in McDo so this post is fini!

I’ll leave with a few notes from Pascale:

C’est plutôt drôle de monter des côtes sur l’autoroute, j’essaie toujours de rester en 5ème, mais lorsque je vois mon aiguille indiquer 85… Grrrrrr down shift en 4 et on pousse la machine! Parfois j’arrive même en haut à 110km, Yahoo!! C’est plutôt vite dans notre cas.

Je tiens souligner que Dayne a dormi que 10 minutes, Yay 🙂
J’essaie de m’occuper en conduisant… Ouais, pas grand chose à faire, donc je mange!!!!! pis Dayne aussi…..


Ça l’air qu’on doit y aller.. Je sens que Dayne veut partir.


Plus my windows partition is not booting so I’m on linux. That means less photos for now. Booooo, but you get the map!

2 Thoughts.

  1. The weight of the trailer is probably making the front of the car point upwards a bit, thus your headlights are pissing off oncoming drivers. Some cars have a dial to adjust the headlight angle…

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