Day Two

Day two was supposed to be our longest day at around 1100km. Ouff, with the trailer and an average speed of around 95 km/h it’s tough going. We are starting to figure out the gas stations, how to use the stupid pay at the pump that only works sometimes; I don’t understand why they don’t have chip cards at those things???? Half of the time it doesn’t read the damn card. Anyway, it’s a long day and we aren’t going to make it to Minneapolis


As we leave our motel we head through the city and things are getting more ghetto. The roads are a bit rough and “open” businesses are becoming scarce. The closer we get to Detroit the more it’s dead. So many boarded up buildings in the town we stopped for gas, I guess this what it’s like in Detroit. We saw two Car Assembly Factories around here too. I guess that’s where all the economy was, and that’s why its gone.


One of my favourite things about the USA is Vanilla Coke! yummy!!!


Everywhere you look, factories of sorts with smoke bellowing out of their smoke stacks.

Around Chicago things opened up, I couldn’t even count the number of lanes, let alone the number of trucks! and they were ALL passing us! OH CRAP, there’s our exit! VROOOM there we cross 4 lanes to make our exit. It was well executed by our pilot, Capitan Pascale.

You can see by the map, we took a smaller highway to find our place to stay. Ouff that was a bit of a nightmare. Max 55 and everyone we passed kept flashing their high beams at us? what’s with that. We were trying to figure out what we were doing wrong, or was there some danger ahead? No danger ever showed up so we started to flash back. That’s our new thing, if you flash your high beams at us then we will BLAST our high beams at you. Fuckoff, that’s no way to say “hi” to a stranger! Anyway, Pascale is tired and a bit grumpy, so she’s not taking ANY shit.

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