The Final Month

With only one month before The Big Move, I introduce to you The Jeep. This is our Adventure Mobile. complete with trailer, and 160 some-odd-horsepower! Vroom Vroom!

Since it’s probably one of the last beautiful (but cold) fall days, we decided to take it for a bath.

After searching around on the web for a “Do It Yourself car wash” I found one just a few minutes away in Verdun. We also found a candy shop near the car wash which was perfect since Pascale needed some candies for the cupcakes she started this morning. Great, its game time!

This is our first time washing the Jeep since we got it, oops, well we haven’t had it that long anyway. I had forgotten what those car washes are like, silly things where you put a token in for “Three Minutes” but theres no visual timer or even a sound when times up! Oh well, I didn’t do the best job I must admit but you live and learn. Next time I’ll get it.

I’ll be honest, with less then one month left we aren’t really “in the move zone” yet. We still have A LOT to do, but things are coming along… Packing, packing, packing, we need to start packing. I’m sure I will find tons of things in my closet(s) I wont feel like packing. I guess that’s one of the best parts about moving; going through all my shit. “Do I really want to carry this all the way across the country?” I’m sure that question will arise countless times.

Well I guess I better get to it….

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