New Faces, Lots of Places, Amazing Spaces.

Here we go. Post one.

I have hopes of this being the start to a never ending book of adventures, places close, far, foreign and domestic. Stories of Hardship, Love, Success, Failure, Thrills, Spills, Close calls and lazy days. You might recognize my name, Dayne had mention of me in the summer of 2016 and since then a lot has happened. Stories with and without Casa Waterlow. I’m going to start off with a bit of a back story here, lets reel this back to July 2016 when everything changed forever…

I had decided a few years prior to move to Northern Alberta in the pursuit of wealth (Bad idea, Don’t bother) and I finally broke free. Working in an Automotive shop can be very rewarding. That is unless that shop goes bankrupt. Now normally that’s not such a big deal for someone, it’s just a job and you can find work anywhere. That’s probably how things should have gone except at that point in my life I had been 23 for a month, I was burnt out. I had all I could handle and I needed out. I decided a week before I received that dreaded phone call to do something I had always wanted to do; Hitchhike. Away I went. I left Grande Prairie to deliver the Rusty and Trusty 72′ Dodge Power Wagon to my Dad down in Grand forks. Now that was easy. The next week was a roller coaster. I spent some time with my Brother Sage and his Girlfriend Melissa, we spent a night at Idabel lake Resort which was phenomenal. After that I met up with my At-the-time girlfriend and after a night in Kelowna started my real adventure. Hitch hiking is amazing. It can be the most amazing experience of your life if you’re ready for it. I can’t tell you how you will know you’re ready but when you are you will know it’s your time to go.

Anyways, I’m getting much too far into detail. Let’s keep this first one Simple.

The first person I rode with hitch hiking.

Week one: Start hitchhiking, Travel Vancouver Island, Have uncountable Epiphanies, Take ferry back to Vancouver, Get phone Call Shop is closing, Proceed to freak out and break down, Go to brothers house, Proceed to freak out even worse, Call At-the-time Girlfriend, Freak out worse, Break up with At-the-time Girlfriend, Drink Sake from Japan with brother, Get shitfaced while simultaneously crying and laughing like a maniac, Realize freedom is at your finger tips, Freed myself.


Week Two: Adventure with Brother and Melissa, Hitch home, Freak out more, Go back north, Pack everything, Move out, Store Everything, Start fresh.

Finally at peace.

In 14 days my past 3 years of hard work and dedication was entirely gone, finished, over. Aside from the friends I made and the pictures I had you could almost say it didn’t even exist. But it does, it’s part of who I am today and I don’t regret that in the slightest. Now we’re on the next chapter of my life. I have a lot to catch up on over the next few months and a lot of work lays ahead. I’ll keep things coming as I can. The adventures and stories I’ll share with you intertwine with each other like the weave in a scarf and are full of twists and bends as a that road follows the coast.

I feel better than ever.

Thanks for reading, Lots more to come, please bear with me too as I have never written for it to be read and I’m starting a long journey of learning. Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated.

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