Reunited at Revy

May Long 2015 I was finally reunited with one of my longest lasting friends, David. Our friendship goes back to my courier days in Calgary, and I’ve basically followed him around ever since. Him being from Quebec, he moved back east not long after I met him. You guessed it, I followed him east, and he got me both of my jobs in Montreal. First as a Bicycle messenger and next as a mechanic at Le Yeti. Like me, David has a thirst for the mountains so he moved back west and ended up in Revelstoke. Now that I am back west and settled in, it was about time I went for a visit.

The best thing in life is doing what you love with your friends!

Not only is David in Revelstoke, but so is probably my best riding partner, Piel (as we call him). We have had a lot of good rides together, and even if he is more into the “epic ride” (80km of getting lost is his idea of fun) we have always found a good rhythm riding together.  So all in all, you can gather that we obviously had a good time in Revy!

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