Summer Adventures 2016 Part 1

Lots of adventures this summer, but it first started off with some visits from Pat and Dru! They drove across the country just to see us…. well, maybe not just us. They arrived, and like most people, had more things they wanted to do then was possible in the time they allowed. No big deal though! The day they arrived I was working so that night Pascale and I took them for a little ride on our “backyard” trail.

20160614-DSC_3235 20160614-DSC_3231 20160614-DSC_3224 20160614-DSC_3220 20160614-DSC_3222 20160614-DSC_3217 20160614-DSC_3215

Of course that was a blast, and they were itching for more, but they had other adventures to have! The next day they left most of their stuff at our place and went on their touring bikes for a trip around the Okanagan. We met them a few days later at the Drag Races in Osoyoos. They must have been good luck because I won the Sportsman Bracket in my little race car! Oh What fun!

20160619-DSC_1839 20160619-DSC_3256

They left again for more adventures, this time around Vancouver, only to meet up with us again in Revelstoke for more epic adventures. Revelstoke is always a good time because it includes a few more of our favorite easterners; David, Marie-Mai and Piel Pickhard!

20160626-DSC_3264 20160626-DSC_3312 20160626-DSC_3306 20160626-DSC_3295 20160626-DSC_3293 20160626-DSC_3289 20160626-DSC_3286 20160626-DSC_3272 20160626-DSC_3275 20160626-DSC_3269 20160626-DSC_3267 20160626-DSC_3265

After Revy, they came back to the Whats Cabin for one extra night of that Kootenay Life.


More good times to come!

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